12-13-14 September 2018 

Pescara, AURUM Building

Largo Gardone Riviera - Pescara

The ASA – Association for Applied Statistics and the ‘"G. d'’Annunzio’" University of Chieti and Pescara, in partnership with:

- AICQ-CN – The Italian Association for Quality Culture (north and centre of Italy)

- AISS – The Italian Academy for Six Sigma
- ASSIRM – The Italian Association for Marketing, Social and Opinion Research
- SIS – The Italian Society of Statistics

organise in Pescara a scientific conference aimed at promoting applications and new statistical techniques and models suitable for food, social and health, economic and environmental risk analyses. 

The conference will last two days. Scientific reports at the conference will be partly invited by the Scientific Committee and partly contributed by participants. Also a round-table and participated experiments for both the sensorial evaluation of food and wines and the convergence of opinions will be held.

At each invited session two basic speeches will open the discussion, one of which will be held by an academic and the other by an expert from a company or an institution currently using statistics. This juxtaposition is aimed at favouring a better understanding between the academia and the production world. Contributed papers will be solicited through a call for papers.

The conference activities will be financed through a low participation fee and funds that will be raised from private companies and public institutions. Official languages of the conference will be Italian and English. A good practice would be to write the PowerPoint transparencies in English so that non-Italian participants can follow all presentations. 

The conference secretariat can be contacted also through the following email address:


The deadline for Abstracts' submission has been postponed to 12 July 2018

The abstract should be sent to secretariat@asariskpescara2018.it 

Only Abstract in English will be considered.   

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Conference session topics include, but are not limited to the following areas of special interest:

Choice and preference elicitation of food and wines

Economic and social issues about food and wine

Assessment of food and beverages quality

Qualitative and quantitative methods for sensorial research

Official statistics on food and beverages

Relationships between food, health and life quality

The future of food

Statistics and socio-political participation

Collective intelligence, e-participation and semantic inference

Educational figures for collective intelligence management

Participation and future studies

Methods and models for studying future trends

Methods and models for defining social scenarios

Forensic statistics

Forgery of branded food and wine products

Crime measurement / indicators

Security risks studies (measurement and control)

Crime and terrorism forecasting

Industrial risks studies (measurement and control)

Insurance risk studies (measurement and control)

Environmental risk studies (measurement and control)

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